Saturday, Aug 8, 2pm

Two great short presentations:

Local Authors and Favorite Books
Have you had a mystery/suspense/thriller/true crime book published in the last few months but not presented it to us?  Contact to sign up for a 2 minute presentation followed by questions and answers.

Have a favorite book in our genres (mystery/suspense/thriller/true crime) that you’d like to recommend?  Contact to sign up for a little show and tell (2 minutes max).

Slots are limited.  Sign up soon!
Restorative Justice–Come listen to speaker Ian Ragsdale from the San Diego Restorative Justice Remediation Program.  He will be speaking about his work and also how to tell when someone is or is not telling the truth.

Ian specializes in Victim Offender Dialogue which uses a restorative justice approach to help make crime victims whole after an offense has taken place. Juvenile justice youth meet directly with their victims in a neutral mediation setting to discuss the impact on the victim, the community, the offender and their family. The parties discuss the incident and construct their own approach to achieving justice. The process requires youth to be accountable for the results of their actions, and gives victims a voice in the adjudication of those who have harmed them, as well as giving all parties an opportunity for closure.

Learn more about Restorative Justice in this short presentation with time for questions and answers afterwards.